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Sassy Ever After World 

Release Date: AUGUST 3, 2017

Her Warrior Dragon (Sassy Ever After Kindle World)

Trauma nurse Faye Adams thought she’d seen it all… until a mysterious shifter is rolled into her unit, body broken and half dead. After she’s done picking her jaw up off the floor Faye immediately gets to work saving this shifter’s life. When he awakens, Faye finds there is an instant attraction between them… and it is undeniable.


Vander Kelmeyer was battling his mortal enemy before he crash-landed under Faye’s care. From the moment their eyes meet he knows that she is his mate. After his wounds have healed Vander tracks Faye down and pursues her, his dragon desperately seeking her soft touch.


Yet Vander’s enemies are searching for a weakness, and he’s just given them one. Faye and Vander’s romance ignites into a fire, one that quickly becomes deadly. Dragon shifters are legendary, considered a myth, yet here is one demanding that Faye become his. Despite the danger Faye cannot resist his smoldering stare… or the heat of his passion.


Will Faye survive being a mate to a dragon shifter? Or will their happily-ever-after go up in smoke?



Her Warrior Dragon is a steamy, action-packed love story that will leave readers fanning themselves with desire and holding their breath in suspense. This HOT paranormal romance featuring sexy dragon shifters, a strong, smart heroine, and thrilling villains is an exciting fantasy romp by author Ariel Marie.

Her Fierce Dragon (Sassy Ever After Kindle World)

The high priestess of the Lunar Coven was missing and all the evidence pointed to Willow King. Facing banishment from her own coven, the powerful witch was determined to clear her name and locate the high priestess. This was a mission that she could not do alone, and traveled to Blue Creek in search of the person she was told would help her.


Feno Kelmeyer had demanded that his mate reveal herself. His dragon was frustrated and a bit irritated that over all the years he’d search for her, he’d failed to find her. Much to his surprise, he was tracked down by a small, powerful witch who insisted that he aid in the search for her missing high priestess. One look in her eyes and he knew that there was no way he would be able to deny her any request-- she was his mate.


Someone was sabotaging the Luna Coven and framing Willow. It would be up to Feno and Willow to expose the true traitor of the coven and prove her innocence. Feno and Willow’s romance burned brightly in the darkness and quickly set the world ablaze. Dragon shifters were legendary, a myth, but this one dragon would do what he must to ensure that his mate was safe. Despite everything stacked against her, Willow refuses to give up the chance of a future with her dragon.


Will she be able to prove her innocence and have her happy-ever-after with her fierce dragon?

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