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The Nightstar shifters series

lesbian wolf shifter romance

Sailing With Her Wolf (The Nightstar Shifters 1)



Wolf shifter, Marley Gerwulf, was protective of her human best friend, Zara York. Their friendship dated back to their sophomore year in high school. Throughout the years they had been glued to each other's hip, experiencing life together. When Zara broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Marley suggested a three-week girls trip, sailing the Pacific Ocean. It would help her friend clear her mind and celebrate her newly found single life. 

Marley had spent the last 14 years of her life, knowing they'd only ever be friends. Her wolf had identified Zara as her mate the day they'd met. The urge to mate was strong, but she was always able to overcome it, knowing she'd rather have Zara in her life as a friend, then not at all. 


After setting sail with Tahiti as their destination, an intense storm caught them off guard damaging their yacht. Floating aimlessly along in the ocean, Marley was determined to ensure their survival. With life or death situations at every turn, will Marley be able to protect Zara while resisting the call to mate?

Protecting Her Mate (The Nightstar Shifters 2)

Robin Nova was a wolf shifter longing to find her mate. Settling wasn’t in her vocabulary, but her animal was getting restless. She didn’t desire a relationship of convenience, she wanted the one person whom fate had designed for her.  


A night out with a few friends and she meets a beautiful human who caught her wolf’s attention. 


Heather Wright, whose sweet scent drew Robin to her. The pull to mate was strong, but she had to tread carefully. Heather wasn’t a shifter and would have to be taught their ways. 


But it would seem Robin wasn’t the only person enthralled by the beautiful accountant. 


Deadly rogue wolves who blew into town and set their sights on Heather. They didn’t abide by the laws of shifters and that made them extremely dangerous. 


Robin vowed to do everything in her power to keep Heather safe. As long as she had breath in her body she would defend Heather. 

lesbian wolf shifter romance

RELEASED 11/17/20

lesbian wolf shifter romance

Sealed with a bite (The Nightstar Shifters 3)

A wolf shifter. A witch. The mating call is too strong to resist. Will they act on what was destined to be?


Adelina Ransome was tired of being alone. She longed for the day fate would present her mate to her. Addy was prepared to do what she must to find the one person meant for her. But before she put her plan in place, fate handed her a gift in the form of a midnight-haired, curvy witch.


Finding her mate wasn’t supposed to be this easy. 


Convincing her to succumb to the pull of destiny shouldn’t be hard. 


Cora Latimer was on the run. Finding the other half of her soul wasn’t expected. As much as she wanted to act on the instincts driving her to Addy, she couldn’t. 


There was a crazed warlock hunting her down. Cora couldn’t risk the love of her life, but she vowed she’d protect her at all costs. 


Will they give in to their desires and claim each other?

hers to claim (The Nightstar Shifters 4)

A stubborn wolf. A curvy bear. A Sizzling attraction neither of them could ignore.

Mindi Martin wasn’t thinking of settling down. Something was in the water in Howling Valley, driving everyone to find their mates. She was determined to dodge that bullet, but then she met gorgeous, curvy bear shifter, Echo Norden. 

And her wolf made plans of her own—claim Echo. 

Echo was convinced she’d never find her mate. In all of her years, she hadn’t met anyone worthy of her bear’s affection. Her beast was headstrong and wanted a mate who was her equal. One scent of a beautiful wolf shifter and Echo knew one thing. 

She’d found her mate.

Two problems were standing in her way. Her clan did not approve of Mindi as a suitable mate, and she was betrothed to another. 

The call to mate was overpowering the two women. Nothing was going to stand in their way of what fate had in store for them. Together they would face anyone who would dare try to keep them apart. 

lesbian wolf shifter romance
lesbian wolf shifter romance

Wanted by the Wolf (The Nightstar Shifters 5)


One scent triggers a wolf’s craving. Two humans needing protection. Fate is about to intervene yet again. 


Skye Lennon was on the run for her life. A civil war had recently broken out amongst the wolves and humans in her hometown. Death and violence surrounded them, making it no longer safe for her small family. Her son’s father was now dead, and they were being hunted by his pack. 


Howling Valley was a town deemed safe for humans. 


She arrived and was welcomed with open arms by the new alpha and a certain enforcer. 


Ricca Radcliff was a wolf who desired more in life. She was tired of the desk job and the steady day-to-day work. She was meant for more, so she applied and was accepted to join the elite enforcers of her pack. Defending those in need was her calling. After intense training, she was finally awarded her first job. 


A protection detail. 


Simple enough. 


One whiff of the tantalizing human and her wolf immediately wanted to claim her.


Skye belonged to her.


Ricca was going to have to prove they belonged together and she could keep them safe. Even if she had to fight an entire pack alone, no one would take her woman from her. 

Taming Her Mate (The Nightstar Shifters 6)


Will the love of her witch be enough to heal her wolf?


Kardia Markway was sent to Howling Valley to live a peaceful life. As the granddaughter of a councilman, her life would always be in the spotlight and dangerous. She would be free to live as she wanted in her new town with her little secret.


Kardia couldn’t shift. 


Her wolf refused to make an appearance. 


River Delacroix was a powerful witch and healer. The moment she laid her eyes on Kardia, she knew the wolf was in pain and needed her help.


She was desperate to help Kardia. Everything she tried failed. She had to succeed because she’d awakened for Kardia. This wolf was the other half of her soul. 


If her love for the wolf shifter couldn’t fix her, how could they truly seal their bond?

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