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The Immortal Reign Series

Vampires and Humans. Are they meant to be together? One drop of blood will control their futures.


After the war between vampires and humankind, Earth was never the same. This new world was dangerous, and vampires were on the hunt for their fated mates. The installation of the draft should have made things simpler, but all it did was create chaos.


Humans didn’t want to conform to the new ways of life. 


Vampires had no problems making them. 


Enter this new dark and sexy world full of lesbian vampire romance. The Immortal Reign series is an adult-themed paranormal romance that you will want to sink your teeth into. If you love action-packed, sizzling hot wlw romances, then this is the series for you. 

deadly kiss.jpg

Release 10/12/21

book one:Deadly kiss

A vampire princess. A human. One drop of blood changed their lives forever. 


Vampires had taken everything from Quinn Hogan during the war. She had spent her entire life hiding from them. The last thing Quinn wanted in life was to be matched to one. Each human was required by law to enter the draft. Her name was randomly picked for submitting her blood sample. 


Chances of being chosen? A million to one. 


Luck had never been on her side.  


Quinn matched with a vampire. 


Now she was being shipped off to some random vampire who would probably bleed her dry.


Velika Riskel didn't want a mate. As the warden of Northwest America, there was no time for her to take a mate. When the human arrived, she had planned to release her, but one look into Quinn's hazel eyes and all of that changed. 


Velika and Quinn's relationship was doomed from the start. Velika was a seasoned warrior who wasn't afraid of challenges. The vampire princess was determined to win Quinn's heart, defend her against a rival, and then claim her. 

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Release 6/7/2022

Book Two:Iced Heart

A vampire and a human with a strong attraction neither of them could resist. 


Vampires won the war years ago, and everything on Earth had changed. Alima Morgan refused to watch her people bend to the will of vampires. She hated them for all of the destruction they had caused.


She was a rebel and would fight until there was no more breath left in her body. 


But then her name was chosen in the draft. Apparently, she had been matched with a powerful vampire—the daughter of the king. 


Against her will, she was shipped off to the princess.


Alima wasn’t afraid of the bloodsucker, and she sure as hell didn’t believe in destined mates.


Lethia Riskel wasn’t opposed to mating with a human. As a warden of the east, she needed someone at her side to rule. Her curiosity was piqued with one look at the human. She was stubborn, fiery, and would have to be tamed. Lethia was just the vampire for the challenge of breaking her new charge.


Thrust into a world of darkness and desire, Alima found herself falling for Lethia. As much as she tried to resist, she found herself craving Lethia’s touch, kiss, and even her bite.  


With a war on the horizon, Lethia was a strong vampire who would protect her mate from the enemy, and prove they were meant to be. 

Royal Bite by Ariel Marie

Release 1/17/2023

Book Three: royal bite

A vampire can only resist for so long, before her true nature takes over.


Vampires running the world was the new way of life. Stormey Jaymes should probably hate them, but she was always optimistic and believed in fate. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

She was used to having nothing, raised as an orphan, with no family, no friends. She desperately wanted someone to need her–cherish her. 

When her name came up for the draft, she was only too happy to submit her blood sample.

Stormey's wish came true. To her amazement, she matched with a powerful vampire–the heir to the vampire throne. 

Hegna Riskel abhorred the thought of taking a mate. She had yet to forgive the queen for submitting her to the wretched draft. The heir to the throne had much riding on her shoulders. With the impending war with the Lycans, a mate was not something she wanted to deal with.  

No matter how beautiful her mate was or how her smile lit up the room, Hegna could not fall for her human. 

Even if the bond was pulling her to the female–she would resist.

But when her mate's life was threatened, her primal instincts took over. 

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