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The Dragon and Her Thief


A possessive dragon. A sexy thief. A job gone wrong...or did it? 


Kelsey Rose wasn’t crazy. She was determined. A family heirloom was stolen years ago, and she was the perfect person to recover it. No job was too big for her, but this one was going to be a challenge for her. 


The only obstacle?


A dragon shifter.


Mythia Zinfina spent centuries protecting and growing her hoard. The powerful dragon shifter was patiently waiting for the day she would find her mate. Never did she expect the tiny slip of a woman breaking into her castle to be the one who was destined to be at her side for all eternity. 


The second their eyes met, Mythia’s dragon determined she would never let Kelsey go. 


If you love steamy, wlw paranormal romance tales with plenty of heat and action, then you will enjoy The Dragon and Her Thief. This story was intended for mature readers only.

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