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Claimed by Her Bear (The Montana Grizzlies 2)

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A grizzly bear who desired one thing she hadn't yet found in life. One scent changed everything.

Pola Prime was a shifter who wanted to find her fated mate. Watching her sister claim hers left Pola feeling a little jealous. She kept hope alive that she would be next. There was a woman out there for her. She just had to find her.

A night on the town revealed a wonderful surprise.

Her mate.

Shekita Harper wanted to avoid relationships and just have a little fun. Thanks to her ex, she had a fear of possessive women. She was her own person and didn’t want to belong to anyone.

But then she met Pola, a bear shifter who was beautiful and funny and wanted to claim her.

Pola didn’t want to risk losing Shekita, so she would give her time. She’d woo her mate and get her to love her.

Pola hoped she was enough for Shekita to forget her past and move toward a future with her.

If you love steamy, sapphic paranormal romance with a possessive bear shifter and her beautiful human mate, then you will enjoy Claimed by Her Bear. This story was intended for mature readers only.

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