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Taming Her Mate (The Nightstar Shifters 6)

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Will the love of her witch be enough to heal her wolf?

Kardia Markway was sent to Howling Valley to live a peaceful life. As the granddaughter of a councilman, her life would always be in the spotlight and dangerous. She would be free to live as she wanted in her new town with her little secret.

Kardia couldn’t shift.

Her wolf refused to make an appearance.

River Delacroix was a powerful witch and healer. The moment she laid her eyes on Kardia, she knew the wolf was in pain and needed her help.

She was desperate to help Kardia. Everything she tried failed. She had to succeed because she’d awakened for Kardia. This wolf was the other half of her soul.

If her love for the wolf shifter couldn’t fix her, how could they truly seal their bond?

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