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Wanted by the Wolf (The Nightstar Shifters 5)

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One scent triggers a wolf’s craving. Two humans needing protection. Fate is about to intervene yet again.

Skye Lennon was on the run for her life. A civil war had recently broken out amongst the wolves and humans in her hometown. Death and violence surrounded them, making it no longer safe for her small family. Her son’s father was now dead, and they were being hunted by his pack.

Howling Valley was a town deemed safe for humans.

She arrived and was welcomed with open arms by the new alpha and a certain enforcer.

Ricca Radcliff was a wolf who desired more in life. She was tired of the desk job and the steady day-to-day work. She was meant for more, so she applied and was accepted to join the elite enforcers of her pack. Defending those in need was her calling. After intense training, she was finally awarded her first job.

A protection detail.

Simple enough.

One whiff of the tantalizing human and her wolf immediately wanted to claim her.

Skye belonged to her.

Ricca was going to have to prove they belonged together and she could keep them safe. Even if she had to fight an entire pack alone, no one would take her woman from her.

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