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Ariel Marie's Review Team

Hello and thank you for your interest in joining my ARC team! Before you click to apply for the team, let me tell you a little about the review team and what will be expected. What is an ARC team you ask? The purpose of this team would be to read my books for free and in exchange, you would leave your honest review on Amazon and the other retailers that the books may be available on. 


1. First I must say that I can not guarantee a spot for every person who applies.

2. Applicant must be a serious reader who loves paranormal, action and steamy romance.

3. Reviewers are not required to review every book, but I am asking for at least every other book that is released.

4. Reviewers will be given at least 2-3 weeks to leave a review once they have received the book.

5. Two missed reviews in a row will constitute removal of the reviewer from the group. (Unless already arranged with  Ariel Marie)  

6. The reviewer will be required to leave a review on Amazon and one other site. 

7. Reviewers will be required to submit their links to their Amazon review. 

8. E-Books will be available on Mobi or Epub via Instafreebie. 

If this seems doable, then go ahead and fill out the form! The ARC Team will commence with Ariel Marie's first release in 2017. 

Click HERE to join!

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