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The Mirrored Prophecy 1

Power of the Fae



At that exact moment I hear the door open and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and the scent of apricots hits my nostrils. I know who it is without even turning. I have thought of nothing else but her. I cannot believe she is here. My brothers and Alec would never let me live it down if they knew how much she has filled my mind. They know my philosophy on relationships with the fairer sex. I can also sense that Alec and Devyn both have paused what they are doing and are holding their breaths. I finally turn to look at the door and there she stands. My chest feels as if an elephant is sitting on it.


Fuck me.


She looks even better than I remember. Black leather kneehigh boots, her perfectly sculpted legs are encased in black leather pants with a tight gray long sleeve V-neck shirt. Her long black curly hair is left loose to fall past her shoulders. I just want to reach out and grab it, to feel how silky smooth it is. She has her marauder clipped to her belt and I can see her katana peeking over the top of her head. I can’t help but stare at her while she pauses halfway across the room staring right back at me. I look over at Devyn and Alec and they are both mesmerized by her. I can feel my wolf whining, straining to get to her.




This one word could break me. No, she can’t be my mate! I shake my head and immediately wipe all emotions from my face. No one can know how drawn to her I am.


“Colin, I would like to introduce you to my granddaughter, Princess Arlina Waldmar. Lina, this is Colin MacKenzie, Alpha of the Diamond Pack and Leader of the Legion.” She stands and comes around the table to hug Arlina. She entwines her arm with Arlina’s and turns her in Alec and Devyn’s direction. “Over here is Devyn MacKenzie and Alec Finlay, both are members of the Diamond Pack and the Legion.”


Alec and Devyn scramble to come over and shake her hand. I shoot both of them looks telling them to back off. I slowly stand and extend my hand to her as she turns to me. My large hand engulfs her tiny one. Looking down into her beautiful green eyes, a man could get lost.










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