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Fight for the Fae

The Mirrored Prophecy Book2


Chapter One




Earlier that day…



     She will lose a love, gain a love, bear love and sacrifice for love. What does that mean? The Seer’s words ring through my mind. My grandmother arranged a meeting with Epan, the Highest Druid Priest and one of his Seer’s, Yasmin, to discuss my future that she has foretold. A lot has been going on in the last few weeks.


 It’s not every day that you learn that your fate is part of a mirrored prophecy that will determine the fate of the world.  Your first child will play a part in either destroying the world or saving it. That’s a lot for anyone to take in but I have no choice but to accept my fate. I refuse to believe that I will play a part of destroying the human realm. Earth is as much my home as Faery is. Half of my childhood was spent here. My mother, Loredana Văduva, was a human witch who died when I was fifteen years old in a demon attack. Both sides of the family made sure that my brother Keegan and I spent time with my mother’s side of the family. My father Vamir Waldmar never denied my witch side even though he is a full Fae. He is the Prince of the Light Fae to be exact, the future heir to the throne.


 The marriage between my parents was arranged to create a treaty between the Witches and the Fae. Both sides have honored this agreement since my parents exchanged their nuptials. In the past two years, supernaturals have gone missing and the Witches and Fae have been working together. Recently, they have teamed up with the shifters and the Vampires. We were able to trace the disappearances to the current leader of the Underworld and King of the Demons, Melomouzor. Melomouzor was exiled to the Underworld over a millennium ago because he was trying to develop a super demon and take over the human realm.


 Ten supernaturals, known as the Ancients, played a part in banishing him to the Underworld as a way to prevent him from conquering the human realm. He is on a mission to complete what he started and he needs my blood to help him cross over to the human realm. Any other day I would tell him to fuck himself but he’s found a way to start bringing destruction to Earth. He’s had help bringing his Demons to the realm and kidnapping supernaturals.


We don’t know if the victims are still alive. We have no clue except that he must have been experimenting on the supernaturals and Demons. There was a large Demon attack where he sent his new enhanced Demons. These Demons were stronger, faster and we could tell that they have been enhanced with supernatural traits. We fought the Demons hard but most escaped. One of the Demons was able to capture my brother Keegan and took him to the Underworld. I want my brother back. There is no way in hell that I will rest until my brother is back from the Underworld, even if I have to sacrifice myself.


I leave the meeting that my grandmother arranged with Epan and Yasmin, stating that I am tired and want to rest before our other meeting that is scheduled in a few hours. I talk Colin into going back to check on his pack and the Legion’s progress with the Demons. Tonight’s meeting will be all supernatural leaders getting together to plan a way to defend the human realm against the new breed of Demons and keeping Melomouzor in the Underworld.


I have a plan. My amulet that hangs around my neck warms at the plan that I came up with. I can’t tell anyone my plan; if I do they will try to talk me out of it. I sneak into my room locking the door behind me. There is someone that I have to talk to and I need to go to sleep to do this. Since I have the power of the Fae, I should be able to dream walk to reach him. Before gaining these powers I didn’t know I had, I had never dreamed walked. Once learning the depths of my powers, I was sent to Faery to train to learn how to use them before having to make an urgent return to the human realm.


 I should be able to dream walk without any problems. Having all the powers and accessing them should come easy for me. I just need to use them and not think so much. I have no choice. It will be up to me to save Keegan and the realm. I lay across my bed trying to get comfortable. This will only work if I fall asleep. I relax my breathing to slow deep breaths. My body finally relaxes and I doze off to sleep.


     The castle is lavishly decorated, where no expense was spared. It was built for a king. I’m in an empty hallway that is decorated with dark marble floors and bold red walls; random pictures hang on the walls with white columns lining the hallway. I look down at my clothes and sigh with relief. At least with me controlling this dream, I have on my Guardian uniform of cargo pants, black Guardian shirt and combat boots. My hair is pulled up in a high ponytail that swings down my back. Now to just find the person I’m looking for.

     I slowly make my way down the vacant hallway stopping at a large set of white French doors at the end. My amulet warms as I stand outside of the doors. He must be in this room. I knock on the door and hear someone call out for me to enter. My heart races and my hand trembles as I reach for the handle. I pause and take a deep breath. I cannot show weakness or nervousness. I need to get my brother back. The image of my brother before he was taken to the Underworld flashes to my mind and calmness washes over me. I am powerful, I am a Guardian, I have the power of the Fae, and I am Arlina Waldmar. I. Can. Do. This. 




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