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Warriors of Astovar 

Claimed by the ORC Queen.jpg

release 5/2/23

claimed by the orc queen

Orcs were supposed to be mythical creatures. How can one stand in front of her claiming to be her mate?

Unexplained occurrences have been occurring on Earth. Everything was being blamed on global warming. Tornados and hurricanes wrecking cities in the off-season, dangerous electrical thunderstorms are documented around the globe, and now portals to another realm are opening.

Cherish Little woke up in a forest and didn't know how she got there. The last thing she remembered was jogging in her neighborhood, darkening skies, and a violent gust of wind.

Somehow she was transported to another realm where massive, green, muscle-bound warriors with thick tusks protruding from their mouths captured her. 


These brutal, vicious monsters didn't know what to do with her, so they took her to their queen. Ghorza, the slayer, was an intimidating and powerful orc determined to claim Cherish. 

The fierce queen who led armies, seized lands, and tormented her enemies, had a soft spot for Cherish. 

The queen vehemently proclaimed she would never let her go. She swore to always please her, provide for her and protect her. As much as Cherish wants to return to her world, her heart and body long to stay. She found herself falling for Ghorza, her green protector. 

A human in their realm was uncommon and drawing unwanted attention. Ghorza was willing to meet any challenger to remind all of her name and keep Cherish by her side.

Claimed by the Orc Queen is a sapphic orc fantasy romance with a fierce, possessive orc who falls for her beautiful, stubborn human mate. If you love wlw fantasy romance with plenty of heat, then you will love the first book in the Warriors of Astovar series. 

This book is for mature readers only. 

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